Oxie-lethics Football Tournament

Football is supreme. The most famous sport in the world. It has over 35,000 lakh followers all over the world. It transcends borders with it being a religion in Europe, Asia Africa and South America. The only continent where it’s not the most famous sport in the world is North America.

That being said, approximately 2500 lakh individuals play football regularly. Also the most amount of players playing a sport across the globe. It’s just immense this game of kicking a ball has gained so much attention and appreciation all over.

Now young kids growing up and copying Cristiano Ronaldo’s mannerisms on the field and performing his famous ‘Siuuu’ celebration or the drop shoulder feint as Lionel Messi does.

India has never played in the most prestigious trophy for a country in football, the FIFA World Cup held every 4 years. They did qualify for the 1950 World to be held in Brazil due to other Asian teams withdrawing from the tournament and us getting the automatic 1 slot reserved for the Asian teams. But unfortunately, that did not come to fruition as the governing body of India Football AIFF withdrew stating lack of practice time, travelling cost and valuing the Olympics above the tournament. If you read somewhere that it was due to not being able to play barefoot, then that’s a myth and it’s wrong.

Anyhow those days are far gone, India although not the best in terms of its team presently and cricket trumping over it in terms of popularity, still has approximately 37 million people following the sport. The second most in the country and growing rapidly.

We believe India is a sleeping giant in the field of football, so does former FIFA president Sepp Blatter. And if you have read our previous blogs, you will know how much we value fun physical activities. If not, here’s your chance, read about our previous handball tournament.

We hosted a 3-day football tournament this time around, with 12 teams participating and over 120 people showing up. For us, we do it to promote any fun physical activity. An activity that will help you get in better shape while enjoying yourself.                                     

The power of endorphins is immense and not only does that help in physical betterment but also feeling fitter mentally. It helps to add that sustainability aspect to your lifestyle that we so immensely believe in. Fitness is not a 3-month or 6-month program, but a part of your lifestyle and should be practised throughout with sustainability.

That sustainability can only be achieved by doing fun things instead of being just robotic in your actions. And sports are the best version of it because most people who play just tend to forget every other worry that they might have in the world and just concentrate on competing and enjoying themselves.

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