Is Whey Protein Bad for You ?

Whey protein. What is it and how can it be beneficial to you? And if you decide to consume it or you already do, are there any harmful effects from it?

Let’s divide the population into two halves for ease. People who go to the gym and people who do not. Well if you go to the gym, chances are you consume whey protein or have heard about it. On the other hand, if you don’t go to the gym per se and prefer to go to a park and take a stroll or partake in sports or yoga, there are still chances you know what whey protein or maybe you consume it too. And then at the end, there are always people who are just starting out on their fitness journey’s or are just too caught up to be able to take out the time for physical activity. In any case, whey protein is a supplement designed to help you reach your nutrition goals.


What is whey though? Whey is a naturally produced by-product of milk. It is developed as a part of the cheese-making process. So it’s 100% natural and good for you. It aids in muscle growth and also contains the amino acid leucine, which is the most growth-promoting among all amino acids (If you are wondering, amino acids are the molecules that combine to form all proteins).It also helps in fat reduction and aids in lean muscle preservation.Anyone can have it. It is not specifically designed just for gym-goers or people who exercise their muscles.

So feel free to consume whey as you see fit. But yes at the end of it all, if you just consume whey and magically see yourself losing weight and/or gaining muscle, sorry to break your heart but that won’t happen.

You will have to pair it with the right physical activity to actually see results. Now coming to the question at hand, is it bad for you? The short answer is no. It will definitely add that extra level to help you reach your nutrition goals. But there is also a saying, ‘excess of everything is bad" The important thing is that it is at the end of everything, Whey is a supplement. It is meant to supplement eating habits and help you reach your daily protein targets. As always, cooked food will be the best way to reach your nutrition goals and practice sustainability, but whey protein will help you add that extra help in reaching your nutrition goals. Replacing important meals of the day with Whey protein, in our opinion is not a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

The actual reason why Whey might turn out to be bad for you is actually not an issue with whey itself. It is reliability. Only last year, a massive racket making counterfeit protein supplements was busted in Uttar Pradesh. At that time, over 570 containers were seized. They were using fake protein with steroids mixed in them and sticking labels of renowned brands on them.

So the important thing is if you buy whey products, buy them from reliable and approved vendors and people. If the brand you use is FDA approved, that’s an added plus. So go ahead and consume whey without a second thought, over-consuming may sometimes give slight tummy trouble but so does hot sauce, but buy your Whey from the right people and practice the sustainable lifestyle we talk about.

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