Who We Are?

The first question you might ask is what is Oxie Nutrition? Why us? Are we just another run off the mill company selling protein products or are we more than that? Let us help you out with that.

We are India's first lifestyle and nutrition brand. Products are just one aspect of it though. Yes, we sell products and that is what floats the company and pays the bills, but that is not what we are working towards. Think of it as a means to an end, a complementary action to our actual goal. The goal is to build communities of people-centred around the aspects of health, lifestyle and sustainability. To get the information out that an athlete is not defined by playing professionally and looking a certain way. An athlete can be you or the person next to you or anyone in the world.

As a brand, we are as approachable as we can be. The endgame here is to get all these groups of people, of all ages and different walks of life together as one big group of people. To communicate with each other and build themselves and each other up. It’s not only about the training and physical exercise, but it’s also about the diet, and by diet, we don’t mean just protein. A well-rounded diet with the right mix of carbohydrates, fat and protein. So we have the product aspect of it already which is ever-expanding, now the aim is to work on the core reason why we created this, the community aspect.

To give you the same feeling of freshness and purity on an everyday basis, we have concocted our own secret recipes adding new flavors and twists to your average everyday whole foods. Gone are the days of grainy, unsavory health products that you force yourself to eat everyday just to live healthier. Scratch the days when you will go to your nearest supermarket and pick up boxes of healthy eatables only to forget about them in your fridge just because the new flavor you wanted to try turned out to be awful.

Oxie is not about a particular set of instructions that are meant to be followed so as to be able to live healthier. No, it is not, and if you came here under the preconceived notion that consuming our products in a robotic manner will help you then you should probably turn back around. Well honestly it just might a little, but then we don’t want you to go that way and get bored and feel what we are selling to you is a burden. Let’s give you a modern outlook to approach nutrition by adding Oxie’s moxie in your everyday life.

Our Vision

  • Oxie is derived from the word ‘Oxygen’ and ‘Moxie’ which stands for a sense of purity, freshness, character and strength. Standing true to our name, we have combined our passion for fitness and our craving for delicious food to bring you products formed with the best quality ingredients sourced from all around the world, that are macro-friendly and would sit perfectly in your busy lifestyle. We are a bunch of athletes and by athletes, we mean all. Anyone can be an athlete. We envision being the first lifestyle nutrition brand by educating our customers about a sustainable lifestyle, where fitness is not a challenge and rather a part of your everyday routine. It’s not about a small burst of fitness in your life, but a happy and sustainable journey that can last all your life.Be an athlete, choose Oxie!

Frequently Asked Questions

We deliver all across pan India although some places might be unserviceable depending on the delivery capability of our delivery service providers. If your pin code is unserviceable after placing the order, you will receive a call from our team members to confirm an alternative address or cancel your order.

The delivery time varies from state to state. As we are based out of north India, kindly expect times of 3-5 days for delivery across northern and western India and 5-7 days for delivery across southern and eastern India.

No as of now we only deliver Pan-India

We aim to serve our customers the best we can. So if you receive a damaged product or have an issue with our products, please email us at connect@oxienutrition.com and will try to help you with the replacement the best we can. We have a strict no refund policy but the replacement will be done depending on the situation.

We use all major carriers, and local courier partners. You’ll be asked to select a delivery method during checkout.

You can contact us through our contact page! We will be happy to assist you.

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