Discover the Power of Premium Protein with Oxie Nutrition's Alpha Shakes

Welcome to Oxie Nutrition, where we believe in empowering your fitness journey with the highest quality nutritional supplements. Our flagship Alpha Shakes whey protein, along with our innovative whey protein peanut butter range, is designed to cater to the diverse needs of health enthusiasts, athletes, and anyone looking to boost their protein intake with delicious, nutrient-packed options.

Why Choose Oxie Nutrition Alpha Shakes?

Oxie Nutrition stands at the forefront of health and wellness, offering products like our Alpha Shakes whey protein that are not just superior in taste but unmatched in nutritional value. Sourced from grass-fed cows, our whey protein is a testament to our commitment to quality, ensuring you get the best protein shake for muscle gain and weight loss.  We know you love flavors so we have the same for you. 

Crafted for Your Lifestyle

Understanding the varied dietary needs and preferences, all our Alpha Shakes - Belgian Chocolate, Bourbon Vanilla , Kesar Pista, Divine Coffee flavored whey protein , are gluten-free and non-GMO. Whether you're looking for low-calorie protein shakes and highly bio-available protein shake options, Oxie Nutrition has something for everyone.

Beyond Protein Shakes

Our commitment to innovation and quality extends beyond protein shakes. The Oxie Nutrition range of flavored peanut butter and whey protein peanut butter offers a delicious, high-protein alternative to your regular snacks. These products, including our best-selling chocolate peanut butter, are perfect for those looking for nutritious snack options without compromising on taste.

Join the Oxie Nutrition Family

Choosing Oxie Nutrition means more than just buying a protein shake. It's about joining a community committed to a healthy lifestyle. Our blog features creative recipes on how to make a protein shake with Oxie Nutrition products, tips on achieving your fitness goals, and the benefits of peanut butter in protein shakes.

Whether you're searching for the best tasting whey protein shakes, comparing Oxie vs. competitor brands, or seeking the top peanut butter protein shakes, Oxie Nutrition offers premium products designed with your health and satisfaction in mind.

Start Your Journey Today

Visit  to explore our full range of products, including the Alpha Shakes online. Follow our Instagram handles for latest updates and be a part of Oxie family Discover the best whey protein shake for post-workout recovery, indulge in the richness of our peanut butter protein, and take advantage of our whey protein offers. With Oxie Nutrition, you're not just investing in premium nutritional supplements; you're investing in a healthier, happier you.

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