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Oxie Nutrition: India's First Nutrition & Lifestyle Brand! 

Let’s travel back to 2019, the expectation was that we already have a cool name and tagline, Matcha is an up and coming superfood here in India and we’ve reached out to one of the best companies in the healthy food and beverages sectors in USA with a solid recipe and things should be smooth sailing from there. Little did we know how much more work it takes to recreate what seemed so easy on paper. It seemed like a Lego set for ages 6 to 8 being created by us early 20 somethings. Fast forward a few months and we found out that the binding agent that gave us the high fiber content we were targeting is not available in India. Took us 6 months to come out of that conundrum. When we started then, we had about 3 cartons of products being transported to our 1 warehouse in our personal vehicles, now we do over 300 cartons with multiple trucks delivering to our warehouses. Now let’s just leave the rest for another time. 

At the end of it the fact is we here at Oxie, is a team consisting of a young core of people in our mid-twenties with undergraduate degrees and we had not had much of a taste as to how the industry worked. We had ideas and in theory they seemed mighty feasible but the practical implementation of it was something we learned on the go and we still do the same. Only difference is we are much more prepared for it now compared to when we started this.

Oxie Team Image 

(20th April, 2019)

That was just to draw you in a little bit and give you a taste as to how we started. As for who are we presently, we are Oxie Nutrition, envisioning to be India’s first nutrition and lifestyle brand. We are engineering dynamic products which will change people’s lifestyle for the better. Our products provide well rounded macro nutrients in the form of protein bars, protein chips and peanut butter. We have a competitive price range and quality of the product is one of the pillars of us as a brand. 

Products is just one aspect of it though. Yes we sell products and that is what floats the company and pays the bills, but that is not we are planning to build. Think of it as a means to an end, a complement to our actual goal. The goal is to build communities of people centered around the aspects of health and lifestyle. To get the information out that an athlete is not defined by playing professionally and looking a certain way. An athlete can be you or the person next to you or anyone in the world. As a brand we are as approachable as we can be. The endgame here is to get all these groups of people, of all ages and different walks of life together as one big group of people. To communicate with each other and build themselves and each other up. It’s not only about the training and physical exercise, it’s also about the diet, and by diet we don’t mean just protein. A well rounded diet with the right mix of carbohydrates, fat and protein.

So for our products, that is what we have done. Instead of giving you the highest amount of protein we can possibly provide, we instead provide you a high amount of protein with a good mix of fiber and carbohydrates. The ingredients are premium and our products are made in such a way that the best combination of taste and nutrition can be attained. Our products will not replace your everyday diet. In fact we encourage you to stay on it, eat the right way and eat solid well cooked meals, but our products are there to complement your diet. To be a part of your lifestyle at certain moments where you are on the go or trying to reach your macro nutrient goals.  

We hope this was an enjoyable read and a bit of an insight on what we hope to achieve by creating this new experience for you. We’ll be adding more of our thoughts and insight as the days go by so stay tuned and hope to see you here for the next one. Cheers !

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