Finding your ideal macro split

Hello again, today we’ll be keeping this short and sweet. Let us give you a cheat sheet on how to calculate your macros in a quick and efficient way. Earlier we had covered the macro nutrient and calorie breakup. To recall its:

  • 1 gram of carbohydrate will have four calories
  • 1 gram of protein will also have four calories
  • 1 gram of fat will have nine calories


Again remember even though fat will have more calories, it does not mean it has to be avoided all together. You just need to be conscious of what kind of fats you are consuming.
Polyunsaturated fat helps maintain your cardiovascular health while good fats will also help you up your libido count to increase your sex drive ;)

Also to make your life easier a bit, here are some of the foods that are good for each macro category, but you do have to note that one food does also provide other macros, like cheese nuts contain both protein and fat, so being mindful of your portion sizes will help you hit the right macro goals.    



So the macro split is simple, if you know your daily caloric intake according your goal which has been explored in our previous blog, then all we need to do is just divide your daily caloric intake according to the percentages suggested.

The universal split generally suggested is 40% to 60% carbs, 10% to 35% of protein and 10% to 25% of fats. The percentages are based from individual to individual and your goals, but for beginners we would suggest 50% carbs to fuel your workouts, 30% protein to repair your muscle tissues and get those essential amino acids and 20% fat to maintain that good hormone production.

To put that into perspective, if your caloric goal is 3000 calories per day, then here’s the simple math behind it according to the macro split mentioned above:

Carbs: 3000 (calorie goal) x 0.5 (percentage split) = 1500
Protein: 3000 (calorie goal) x 0.3 (percentage split) = 900
Fat: 3000 (calorie goal)  x 0.2 (percentage split)= 600   

Then we further divide it according the calorie breakup mentioned above, so simply divide the final figure by 4 for protein and carbs and by 9 for fats. So the final figure will be your daily macro goal. Here’s the full calculation:

Carbs: 3000 x 0.5 = 1500/4= 375 Gms
Protein: 3000  x 0.3 = 900/4= 225 Gms
Fat: 3000 x 0.2 = 600/9= 67 Gms (Apprx)

And that’s the final split. Easy as you like.

PS: if you don’t like maths like most of use, just search macro calculator on google and it should yield numerous results ;) 

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