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There is a common habit of snacking amongst most of us. A lot of us do not even pay much attention to it. You’ll just munch on something during the day while working or studying and not pay attention to the label or what it is. It’s just a reaction to the action of being a little hungry. While snacking is not necessarily a bad habit, things do depend on what you snack on. Despite all the unhealthy quotes that persist around snacks and snacking, it has the potential to be a part of a healthy diet.


We recently came across a study by the renowned research firm Nielsen. They conducted a global snacking report to understand people’s snacking habits, which surprisingly revealed that most individuals reached out for chocolate as their choice of snack. Actually, it might not be that surprising considering chocolate is chocolate at the end of it. You will very unlikely find people who do not like chocolate. But we all also know that chocolate is also one of the most sugary snacks around. Also, a surprising stat for all the Indians reading this, 77 million people have diabetes or sugar-related illnesses here. So if you are in a room with 9 others, chances are 6 of them fall into that category. That is just a crazy number if you think about it. But then yes we do believe that we have the most varied amount of sweet around also. From Jalebis to Gulab Jamun’s to well literally every sweet you can find on the streets of India is as sugary as it gets.

So the important thing is, how to control that. Or to put it in better terms, how to healthily control this impulse of snacking that most of us have. Here comes the importance of finding the right snacks. If you want to snack, then try foods that have a higher nutrient value and keep you feeling full for a longer time, like nuts and seeds, or add some fruits to your yoghurt bowl to fulfil your cravings. If a high protein snack is what you are looking for, then you should consider hard-boiled eggs, boiled chickpeas or grilled cottage cheese as a part of your snacking cravings. And if you feel those might be bland and boring, well good for us that now we live in a world where healthy dips and sauces with minimal sugars are available. So go ahead and experiment and find the right combination for you. Do not curb your desire for snacks. Instead, choose the right foods that are satisfying and healthy.

Anyhow here are some of the other tips which have helped us along the way. Whenever you feel like snacking, drink some water first. Many times your body is actually thirsty but signals for food. You end up confusing thirst for hunger. Try it, and you will be amazed like we were. Drinking a full glass of water will up your daily water intake and stop your unhealthy snacking habit.
Something that should also help a lot is planning your meals in the morning. Be proactive and keep all healthy options of snacks ready for the day. This way, you have all your favourite snacks and healthy snacks right next to you. If you prefer salty foods, then prepare some veggies and dips for the day. If you are a sweets fan, keep a fruit basket right by your side.

Don’t deny your hunger, and don’t deny yourself the chance to snack. Obviously as always, our products were specifically designed to help you with your snacking habits. So if you already consume our snacks, we thank you for that, and if you don't then go ahead and give it a try and it should help you develop a healthy sustainable lifestyle.   

Smart smack on!

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