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The first question you might ask is what is Oxie Nutrition? Why us? Are we just another run off the mill company selling protein products or are we more than that? Let us help you out with that.

  • Divy Chheda

    Divy is the founder of Do it Right. As the name suggests, he does not believe in just doing it but doing it right. He trains his clients to make fitness a part of their lifestyle by focusing on one goal at a time. In the age of social media, one can get overwhelmed so he works closely with his clients to remain focused and achieve their goals.

  • Bruna Lisboa

    Bruna Lisboa, born in Brazil, is an international model and a certified RYT200 Yoga Instructor. Discovered at a very young age, her passion also lies in dancing. She believes that everyone is capable of leading a healthier, more fulfilling lifestyle even with their busy schedules. Helping her clients make time for Yoga and regular workouts, she is dedicated to fitness.

  • Aadit Zaveri

    Aadit is a professional squash player from Mumbai, India. He is currently playing the professional squash world tour and is ranked 150 in the world and top 8 in the Mens category in India. He was a top junior and has represented India as well. He is an extremely fit athlete and has also been at the highest level of swimming & gymnastics in his junior sports days. He has big goals ahead and hopes to represent India again in the years to come to make his country proud.

  • Vera Puri

    Vera is a crossfit coach and an athlete. A CrossFit Level One Certified Coach she believes in the potential of every athlete that walks in her class. Oxie and Veera together believe that every person has the potential to become their best version and we are excited to help every client achieve the same.

  • Ram Jangir

    Ram is a professional cricketer from Rajasthan, Jaipur and has represented India internationally in the under 14, 16 and 19 category. A local legend at a young age, he already holds many records in local tournaments in Jaipur and is also a club cricket contract holder in New Zealand. He is a serious fitness enthusiast and looks forward to making India proud one day.

  • Siddhartha Singh

    Sid discovered his love for Crossfit seven years ago and then made it his ambition. A top competitor in the Indian CrossFit Community and a CrossFit Level Two Certified Coach, he has also coached celebrities like Kangana Ranaut and Anurag Kashyap. Just like our vision at Oxie, he believes in discipline and cultivating an encouraging culture to help every person achieve their fitness goals.

  • Megha Khatri

    Megha Khatri also known as the ‘Queen of Kizomba’ on social platforms, is a passionate and well-respected Afro-Latin dancer who is also the current Salsa Asian Pacific Professional Champion. She’s also gained honour as the Asian Professional Kizomba Champion. A certified yoga instructor and a gymnast, she has formulated her own curriculum for maintaining fitness and flexibility based on her experience in various forms. Just like us at Oxie, she is a strong believer that fitness is an overall approach to living healthy including mind, body and soul.

  • Jaskaran Tut

    Jassa is the founding member of the Jalandhar Weightlifting Club, a prodigy of national weightlifting champion Jaspreet Singh Dhillon and a local weightlifting legend. A serious competitor of CrossFit, he is an inspiration to every athlete. He believes that determination and consistency are the key to achieving one’s goals and we at Oxie couldn’t agree more.

  • Sam Chhabra

    Sam is a professional free running athlete, dedicated to fitness and an ACE-certified personal trainer. A keen participant in the International Tricking Battle, he has also represented India. He believes that giving up is not an option and there is always a way to push forward.

  • Purva Phadke

    Purva a lawyer by profession but lives for deadlifts & deadlines. This influencer does not only travel but burns those calories end of the day. Her therapy is working out and getting stronger each day. Her motto is to lift more, learn more & never give up.