Vintage Tanks (40% Off)

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Summer rest days call for more tanks than hoodies, so that’s what our unisex vintage tanks are here to do. The tanks are made of soft cotton with arm cutouts, a high neck, and a range of shades perfect for any occasion. Athlete is 6 feet and wearing size M.

Our vintage tank is best

Summer is back and so are the summer rest days. So that’s what our unisex vintage tanks are here to do. The tanks are made of soft cotton with arm cut-outs, a high neck, and a range of shades perfect for any occasion. Lounge or work out, these tanks will look and feel good no matter what you do.The Athlete is 6 feet and wearing size M. 

Oversized Fit 

All our tanks are oversized, so not only do they look super cool and awesome, but they also are super comfortable and won’t restrict any kind of movement. So when you are just lounging on the couch, or sleeping or hitting those shoulder presses hard, you can be pretty sure that this tank won’t be making you uncomfortable during any of that!

High Neck

We are fans of the 80s, though most of our team was born in the 90s. But still, from that influence, we like the simplicity of plain designs and unique necklines. So we have tried to give you the most unique neckline we could come up with, not entirely a turtleneck but not a normal neck either, just enough to mix elegance with coolness.

Machine Washable

If it’s something you wear regularly and is bound to get dirty from time to time, then easily washable should be the way to go. So that is what we have done, just throw this tank into a washing machine, add some detergent and switch on the machine without having to worry if my other clothes will get over-coloured by my tank or will the colours fade.

No Swing Tags

Way too much paper and way too much wastage these days. So we have gotten rid of swing tags, which not only means no usage of paper but also once you get our tanks, you can just put them on directly without having to go through any extra steps. But don’t worry; we have a rubberized print to prove that what you are wearing is authorized Oxie Nutrition merch!

Made in India

We are proud to say that all our products are developed here in India. So from the sourcing of the cloth to the cutting and stitching, to the printing of the designs, everything is done locally here in Punjab. Not only does that make our manufacturing process faster, but it also helps us help the local community a little bit in our own way!

Everyday Wear

Use our vintage tanks day in and day out, they will always be with you. Our tanks are made to be worn every day and for any occasion you see fit. The tanks were designed with that specific purpose in mind so that no matter where you go or what you do, our tanks will only occupy a small place in your cabinet but will end up being one of your most-used clothing option.


OXIE intends to be India’s first lifestyle nutrition brand. We are determined to engineer dynamic products to deliver complete nutrition in a convenient and affordable way that will change your lifestyle for the better.


I have already tried many peanut butter but this one was the best amongst all. It has lesser sugar and higher protein content. The taste of this Peanut butter is also very good unlike others, it is very chocolatey.
- Meet Jain
So Yummy, No added fats so you can use this during our workout sessions. And it is vegan with low caloric value. Overall it is worth of money product.
- Dhruv
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