Athlete Box

Athlete Box

Rs. 2,370.00 Rs. 1,650.00 30% OFF
This box is expertly curated to give you all the necessary macros you’ll require for 15 days. It contains: 5 Matcha Burns| 10 Dessert Bars| 1 Chocolate Peanut Butter| 1 Original Peanut Butter| 2 Peri-peri protein chips

Our butter is better.

There’s mass-produced butter and then there’s our butter. Our unhurried method of making butter brings increased flavour and maximum nutrition. The best and most premium ingredients combine to give you everything that’s good for you. All the goodness. Plus chocolate.

No added fats

Fats is one of the three most important nutrients required for your body. We have not added any unhealthy fats to better the taste and increase the shelf life of our butters. Instead, the only fats you’ll get are the healthy, best in class fats derived from peanuts!

Low caloric value

We have kept the calories to a minimum, so even if you end up mixing our peanut butter with other sugary spreads or types of breads, you will still come out on top as your caloric intake will still be lesser than any other person having a different brand of peanut butter.

70% lesser sugar

The biggest issue with other jams and butters is the amount of artificial sugar added to make them sweeter and taste better. We, on the other hand, found out that by reducing the sugar by 70%, you can still get the awesome chocolaty taste of our peanut butter. So no compromises on taste but still healthier than the rest!

Premium quality Cocoa

We use only premium quality ingredients in our products. So our chocolate peanut butter only has the best quality Cocoa available in the market. Our awesome customers expect the best so we do everything we can to give them the best so you don’t have to worry about quality ever.

High Protein Quantity

6 grams of protein per serving. Need we say more? A couple of servings of this is enough to add the healthy peanut protein to your lifestyle without compromising on the taste one bit!


All our products are developed and manufactured in FDA approved facilities. We are one of the handfuls who do that. That means you don’t have to worry about anything a bit. It is one of the most hygienic facilities you will find around with the best quality control standards being practised. Say goodbye to double guessing what went into making your peanut butter.


OXIE intends to be India’s first lifestyle nutrition brand. We are determined to engineer dynamic products to deliver complete nutrition in a convenient and affordable way that will change your lifestyle for the better.


I have already tried many peanut butter but this one was the best amongst all. It has lesser sugar and higher protein content. The taste of this Peanut butter is also very good unlike others, it is very chocolatey.
- Meet Jain
So Yummy, No added fats so you can use this during our workout sessions. And it is vegan with low caloric value. Overall it is worth of money product.
- Dhruv
The taste of the peanut butter was so good. The quantity as well as the quality was so good! The chocolate flavor was so good.must try. 5/5Loved it so much!!
- Anurag



frequently asked questions

What is the best way to eat it?
Eat it as you see fit, be it straight out of the jar or apply on slices of bread and go nuts!
Who should consume it?
Either have it as a breakfast spread to replace butters and jams as a healthier alternative or as a pre-post workout for healthy fats, carbs and proteins.
Is it sugar-free?
No, it is not sugar-free but it has 70% less sugar than other flavoured peanut butters available in the market.
What kind of sugar is used in it?
The sugar comes from the flavoured paste that is used.
What is the protein source in the peanut butter?
The protein comes from the Whey protein concentrate used in our butter.
How to store it? Refrigerated or room temperature?
Unopened jars can be kept under normal room temperatures or refrigerated but it is recommended to keep the jar refrigerated after opening the seal.
Where all do you deliver?
We deliver all across pan India although some places might be unserviceable depending on the delivery capability of our delivery service providers. If your pin code is unserviceable after placing the order, you will receive a call from our team members to confirm an alternative address or cancel your order.
What is the delivery time?
The delivery time varies from state to state. As we are based out of north India, kindly expect times of 3-5 days for delivery across northern and western India and 5-7 days for delivery across southern and eastern India.
Can I return the product?
We aim to serve our customers the best we can. So if you receive a damaged product or have an issue with our products, please email us at and will try to help you with the replacement the best we can. We have a strict no refund policy but the replacement will be done depending on the situation.
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