• Is targeted weight loss possible?

    Is targeted weight loss possible?

    Do you ever look at yourself in the mirror and think to yourself ‘hey I think this part of my body is getting more chubby compared to the rest’ or after a vacation you get back and feel like you’ve started to develop some love handles or saggy arms because you have been relaxing and letting lose a bit? Well, happens to the best...
  • Oxie-lethics Football Tournament

    Oxie-lethics Football Tournament

    Football is supreme. The most famous sport in the world. We held a 3 day football tournament. Interested to see why we had one and what happened? Check it out here!
  • Is Creatine bad for you?

    Is Creatine bad for you?

    You probably know what Creatine is and how people who weight train use it all the time. Is Creatine bad for you? Let's have a look at all the research and see if it's the right product for you! 
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